Milwaukee House Inspections FAQ

What do your house inspections include?
My standard house inspection examines and reports on the condition of a home’s HVAC system, plumbing, electrical system, exterior, interior, roofing, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, foundation, structure, basement, and appliances (such as boilers and water heaters but not including septic tanks). Click here for a detailed look at my inspection checklist.

How long does an inspection take?
That depends on the size and age of your property. For a standard-size home (up to 4,500 square feet), an inspection typically takes two to three hours. Larger homes, historical home inspections and inspections for older homes typically take longer.

How much does a house inspection cost?
Pricing varies based on property size, age, condition and more. For information on how I calculate my prices, please see my Milwaukee home inspections pricing page.

Do I need to be there during the inspection?
Although you are not required to be present while your property is inspected, I highly recommend it. Not only does it give you an opportunity to ask questions of your home inspector, it allows you to see exactly what I do. I have found that it also makes it easier for buyers to understand their written reports.

I need an inspection right away. Are you available?
I know how important timing is when you need a home inspector, which is why I keep a flexible schedule. Typically, I can schedule an inspection within 48 hours.

What isn’t included in an inspection?
Although my house inspections are very thorough, there are a few things that most home inspections do not examine, including the insides of walls, chimney and roof repairs, septic tanks, swimming pools, and hot tubs. Provided that they are included in your price quote, standalone structures like sheds and out buildings will be included in an inspection. For those buildings, however, that require specialized knowledge, I will typically refer you to a specialist who is better suited to give you expert advice.

Do you have E&O insurance?
Although I’ve never needed to use it, yes, I carry full Air and Emission (E&O) insurance to protect both myself, the realtors that I work with, and my clients. In the event of an injury, I also carry a general liability policy.

Do you check for asbestos and lead paint?
Yes, I do check for the presence of asbestos-like materials and signs of lead paint. However, if asbestos-like material or signs of lead paint are found, lab analysis will be needed for confirmation.

Do you check for mold?
Because there isn’t a recognized standard for mold inspection, I do not currently inspect for mold.

Do you inspect historical homes?
Yes. Because I have experience working on historical properties from my home remodeling years, I am well-qualified to perform historical home inspections.

Do you inspect roofs?
Yes, as part of my standard house inspection (and when weather permits) I do a visual inspection of the roof system. Typically I will inspect the roof from the roof itself, a ladder, or using binoculars (if I am unable to get up to the roof). If weather prevents me from inspecting the outside of the roof, I can inspect the interior from the attic, checking for signs of old or current water penetration.

Are you a certified inspector?
Absolutely. I finished my certification training through AHIT (The American Home Inspection Training Institute). The AHIT is recognized as the largest trainer of home inspectors in North America; is recognized and approved by ASHI, NAHI, NACHI, CREIA, TREC; and offers curriculum that is approved by over 120 colleges and universities.

Are you certified to do FHA inspections?
Although there is no explicit certification for VA/FHA inspectors, the reporting system that I use meets the minimal house inspection requirements specified for VA/FHA transactions. As such, it can be used to fulfill VA/FHA requirements for a complete home inspection.

What inspection services do you offer?
I offer pre-listing inspections (for sellers), pre-purchase inspections (for buyers), maintenance inspections (for owners) and radon testing. To see a more detailed description of each service, see my Milwaukee home inspections service page.

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