House Inspections Checklist

A certified Milwaukee home inspector, I personally perform each of my house inspections. Each residential property inspection includes a comprehensive analysis of each of the following property elements, as well as a description of the system and/or inspection method used to analyze each:

The interior inspection includes walls, floors, ceilings, walkways, stairs and railings, counters and cabinets, doors and windows, and garage doors.
The exterior inspection includes all accessible exterior surfaces (such as wall coverings, trim, flashing, soffits, fascias, eaves, and railings), including all exterior doors, attached decks and balconies, porches and steps. It also includes an assessment of landscaping elements (like retaining walls, grading, drainage and vegetation) that may damage the property.
Structural System
The structural inspection includes foundations and framing (including basement, floor structure, wall structure, ceiling structure and roofing structure), and a representative sample of structural components where damage appears likely or is suspected.
The roof inspection includes covering, drainage systems, chimneys, flashings, skylights, and any roof penetrations.
The plumbing inspection covers water heating equipment, drainage sumps, sump pumps, piping, interior water supply and distribution systems (including all faucets, fixtures, drains, vent and waste systems).
The electrical system inspection includes: cables, raceways, service entrance conductors, service equipment and grounding, main disconnects, service panels, sub panels, over-current protection devices, and a representative sample of fixtures, switches, ground fault circuit interrupters and receptacles. Although I do not check smoke detector functionality, I do check for their absence.
Ventilation and Insulation
The insulation and venting inspection includes attic and foundation areas, vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, and mechanical ventilation systems.
Air Conditioning
This portion of the interior inspection covers central and through-wall air cooling equipment.
This portion of the interior inspection covers heating equipment (including any fireplaces, chimneys, or wood burning stoves), vent systems, and flues.

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