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If you’re pricing home inspection services, you’ve probably run into two scenarios: Milwaukee home inspectors who are eager to offer you a flat fee before they even know the size of your home and inspectors who say, “It depends.” My advice: stay away from the former and work with the latter.

Factors That Affect Your Home Inspection Fees

The unfortunate reality is that how much an accurate home inspection costs depends on how long it takes, and that depends on the size, age, and condition of the property and much more. Even the number of bathrooms affects how long a house inspection will take, because plumbing areas can be high-risk areas for invisible damage.

This is why I advise friends and clients to be wary of any home inspection company that offers a low-cost, flat-rate fee for their services. More likely than not, what you’re saving in money you’re going to lose in much-needed time and expertise. In fact, the $100 you save on your inspection could end up costing you thousands of dollars down the line.

Inspection Fees

I currently offer the following standard property inspection services:

  • House inspections (with comprehensive inspection report)
  • Condo inspections (with report)
  • Multi-family/rental property inspections (with report)
  • Residential radon testing

Fees are based on property size, age, and many other factors, but if you can give some basic information about your property (as explained below), I can give you a good estimate.

Get a Quote

Call or contact me today and I can give you fair, accurate price quote for any type of residential inspection services I offer. To estimate my fees, I will need to know a few things from you, however, so please be prepared to tell me:

  • The size of the property (in square feet)
  • The age of the structure
  • The number of bathrooms, kitchens and other highly “plumbed” areas
  • The type or types of inspection services you’re interested in
  • Whether the property has a basement, and if so, how large it is (in square feet)

If you don’t know all of these details, it’s not a problem—just please know that time and price estimates are more accurate with the more information I have available. My Milwaukee home inspection services are available throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Kenosha counties.

With my years of real-world building experience, I am one of the most accurate home inspectors Milwaukee has to offer.

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